/Abbey Reviews a Raw Carnivore Diet | Sv3rige What I Eat in A Day

Abbey Reviews a Raw Carnivore Diet | Sv3rige What I Eat in A Day

Review Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5tajC7e0Lg

In another what I eat in a day YouTube review, Abbey is reviewing Sv3rige who consumes a raw carnivore diet.

*** WARNING to Abbey’s vegan viewers: what you’re about to see is GRAPHIC and probably will often you. ***

Liver is one of the most nutritious organs, however it can be too nutritious and lead to vitamin toxicity, causing possible vision problems, bone pain and increased risk of fractures.

Abbey isn’t arguing that drinking blood is a solid iron source, but what is a concern is food safety.

Raw oysters are a great source of protein and are low in fat. This is especially important for him to balance out the excessive amount of fat he consumed earlier.

Abbey loves cottage cheese, but consuming two cups in one go is a lot of salt.

You can tell that he likes to surround himself with likeminded people. Another thing to point out is how expensive this day already is.

If we look at his macronutrient distribution we can see that it’s pretty imbalanced. He’s consuming dangerously high amounts of saturated fat from six egg yolks, soured cream butter, and the fatty duck breast. His carb intake is VERY LOW and his protein intake is within range.

Let’s take a closer look.

If his days typically look like this, he is likely deficient in so many vitamins and minerals. He’s likely not iron deficient and is getting enough B vitamins but due to his lack of fruits and vegetables and whole grains in his diet, he’s not getting much fibre and missing out on major micronutrients.

He’s low in water soluble vitamins like vitamin C and antioxidants. He also may be consuming too much vitamin A and B and copper which could lead to vitamin toxicity.

What about eating raw meat? Not really. It could pose some serious health risks and no evidence has shown that eating raw meat benefits your health. Also some foods are more nutritionally available when you cook them vs when you eat them raw. Cooking our food puts less strain on our digestive system because the food is easier to chew and digest.

What about his philosophy? Should we be encouraging more people to eat like him, even when we know the serious impact it’s having on the environment. As you can see from this video and other vegan you tubers I’ve reviewed in the past, going extreme on both ends of the spectrum can be devastating in their own way. Finding a more balanced approach when it comes to eating not only ensures you’re getting the right nutrition but also keeps mother nature happy and healthy.

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