2:35 – Hi Dave. you and Chris Aceto are good friends, and the best coaches.
but what’s the difference between your ways of coaching, meals , carbs, keto, etc, a general point of view.
4:07 – Hey Dave…what is the optimal ratio of Test/Deca for therapeutic application while on TRT? Also, would it be safe to run the Deca with the TRT indefinitely?
6:40 – What would you say the best way to minimize/get rid of loose skin would be?
9:42 – Hi Dave! What’s your opinion on Arthur Rea cycles and insulin protocol without carbs but with 600gr protein daily?
11:22 – Are probiotics a good staple supplement in addition to fiber to improve digestion and gut health or is it conditional? Go-to supplements for gut health?
15:18 – Is “remote” contest coverage the new normal? Will bodybuilding media outlets cover female bodybuilding more now?
18:59 – Can you explain the misconception with salt? Why we used to think it’s bad? What’s the real root of the problem salt has been blamed for?
22:58 – Is it okay to “eat” whey protein (and not drink it)? Like with oats as a “cream?”
24:17 – What does a day of Dave Palumbos old bulking diet look like? What’s your favourite bulking meal?

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