/Dietitian Reviews Old What I Eat in a Day Wedding Diet

Dietitian Reviews Old What I Eat in a Day Wedding Diet

In another edition of What I Eat in a Day Review, because of popular demand, I’m going to review my own What I Eat in a Day video that I posted a few years ago back when I was getting married.

I have moved on from cold brew because it upset my stomach and now prefers espresso.

I stopped using protein powder and anything with artificial sweeteners when I got pregnant. I still love sour cherries after a workout because they help to reduce muscle soreness. Because I was working out a lot back then, I was paying close attention to her protein intake post workout and aiming for 20-30 g postworkout.

I have since figured out a way better way to get protein into oats with something called PROATS. You can find my favourite PROATS recipes in THE MINDFUL GLOW COOKBOOK here https://www.abbeyskitchen.com/the-mindful-glow-cookbook

I can’t believe how many vegetables I was consuming and now would probably split that amount into two meals.

I now go for the highest fat Greek yogurt because it’s more satiating and less sour.

I still love almond butter and loves it as a topper for celery, toast, oats, ANYTHING.
I am still a huge fan of cottage cheese but recently Ive been snacking on things that are a bit more fun like an ice cream bar, popcorn or mini muffin.

Based on the macronutrient distribution, Abbey was consuming a low carb, higher protein diet.

Here’s what Abbey likes about her pre-wedding diet:

Variety, Accessibility, Antioxidants and Fibre.

How has her diet changed?

Not restrictive or calculated – I still find my wedding diet evidence of diet culture and wellness culture
She still eats a lot of veggies, but not that much!
Abbey eats more plant based.
Abbey batch preps more.

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