/Dr Paul Saladino, Benefits of Eating Meat on The Carnivore Diet, Dangers of Lectins in Food

Dr Paul Saladino, Benefits of Eating Meat on The Carnivore Diet, Dangers of Lectins in Food

Dr Paul Saladino, MD, explains the benefits of cholesterol and eating meat on the carnivore diet, the plant paradox, and why lectins in our food supply are creating disease.▸ [FREE] ?E-BOOK: “The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar” | http://www.ketokickstartguide.com

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[00:30] About Dr. Paul Saladino

[13:30] About the Carnivore Diet
– It’s a diet that is entirely based on animal foods and excludes all plant foods. There’s a version of the diet that does include some plant foods. Anything you can hunt is going to be animal food.
– Carnivore diets exclude plant foods and appreciate the spectrum of plant toxicity.
– Dr. Paul gives people the tools to make the right choice for them.
– When Dr. Paul made the transition from paleo to carnivore, he cut out all the plant foods. There are toxins in plants that he completely eliminated. Plant toxins can be damaging to the gut. Leaky gut is gaining more widespread acceptance.

[21:00] The Practice of Fasting
– Dr. Paul is at the weight he wants to be at. He does not use fasting as a tool.
– Fasting can be used as a valuable tool. We need to be careful about how we use it.
– For some people, fasting may be too much.

[22:30] The Carnivore Code
– The book is entirely written with 425 references.
– Dr. Paul wants the book to be readable, yet he wants to include all the science.
– You can preorder The Carnivore Code here.
– Dr. Paul’s favorite thing about the book is the anthropology. The first part of the book is all about humans.

[33:10] Plant Toxicity Spectrum
– Plants and animals have been coevolving. Plants have always been absorbing toxins.
– The seeds of plants are most vulnerable. Grains, seeds, beans, and nuts are all seeds.
– If a plant is putting energy into making a reproductive part, they are going to put the most toxins in the seed to prevent them from consumption.
– If a plant is full grown and you eat one or two leaves, it won’t kill the plant. Eating the seeds will kill the future of the plants.
– Dr. Paul says not to eat all the nuts as most keto followers do.
– Other high toxic plants are spinach, rhubarb, beets, and almonds.
– Eliminate all seeds, leafy greens, and sweet fruits.

[46:15] Living a Radical Life

[50:00] Side Effects to Eating Animal Meat
– Animals do not make defense compounds like plants do. Animals have the ability to defend themselves.
– The majority of animals do not have toxins in their muscles.
– The cooking of foods will create toxins for humans. The lower the temperature you cook, it will lessen the cooking toxins. The higher the temperature and the faster we cook, the higher the chance of toxins.
– Grain-fed meat is going to be higher in toxins. We will bioaccumulate pesticides and mold.

[54:50] The Problems with Game Changers
– Listen to Discussing The Game Changers w/ Dr. Paul Saladino
– Game Changers relies on nonscientific experiments with shock value to prove their point that plant-based diets are healthier.
– Game Changers did not present the athletes honestly. Vegan diets are not giving people superpowers in the athletic realm.
– The movie is doing much more harm than it is good.

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