/Introduction – Low Carbohydrate Diet Consultation by Paleto Nutricare LLP, Chennai

Introduction – Low Carbohydrate Diet Consultation by Paleto Nutricare LLP, Chennai

Paleto Nutricare is a therapeutic diet consulting company focused on
• Reducing Excess Body Weight / Obesity
• Reversing Diabetes
• Freedom from PCOS and Irregular Period
The three pillars of Paleto’s flagship product “100Days Diet Monitoring Program” are
• Science of Low Carb (Paleo/Keto) Diet
• Benefits of Intermittent Fasting
• Daily review and continuous monitoring by Dietitians.
Obesity, diabetes and PCOD are primarily hormonal disorder and the root cause is excess insulin hormone in blood which leads to insulin resistance. A Low Carb (Paleo/Keto) diet is the best way to address this root cause by lowering hormone insulin levels in blood. The results we have achieved in our diet consulting practice, stands as a proof for this.
• 90% of our Customers have lost 10kg or more of their excess weight within 100 days.
• 85% of our women customers with PCOS problem have regularised their periods within 100 days
• 100% of our diabetic customers have achieved a HbA1C level improvement of atleast 1.5% along with complete stoppage or significant reduction of their diabetic medicines
At Paleto, we follow a scientific process and every diet plan is prepared after a thorough review of a detailed blood report by our in-house doctor and personalised to suit the individual health condition and food preferences.

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