/Lunch Recipe for weight loss | Weight loss thali | Healthy lunch idea | Diet recipe for weight loss

Lunch Recipe for weight loss | Weight loss thali | Healthy lunch idea | Diet recipe for weight loss

Hi friends, today I am sharing with you lunch recipe for weight loss, it is weight loss thali. In this thali will get only 354 calories, 15 gm proteins and ,11 gm fiber. Very healthy and nutritious thali. In this weight loss thali I added all gluten free recipes. So those who have PCOS/PCOD, thyroid, diabetes, and high cholesterol issues they can also add this weight loss thali in their diet plan during lunch time.
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Weight loss thali
Masala dal
• Masoor dal-30 gm
• Onion-30 gm
• Tomato-40 gm
• Green chili-1
• Garlic-3 cloves
• Turmeric-1/4 th tsp
• Salt-as per taste
• Oil-2.5 ml
Capsicum sabji
• Capsicum-100 gm
• Onion-30 gm
• Red chili flakes- as per taste
• Oregano seasoning-as per taste
• Salt-as per taste
• Oil-1/2 tsp
Masala roti
• Oats-25 gm
• Pumpkin-30 gm
• Coriander leaves-5 gm
• Salt-as per taste
• Turmeric-1/4 th tsp
• Ghee- few drops
• Curd (low fat)-60 gm
• Cucumber-50 gm

Cooking method- please watch video

Time frame
0:02 Introduction weight loss thali
1:03 low calorie dal
3:15 low calorie vegetable
4:55 masala roti
8:08 weight loss thali calories

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