/Plant Foods of the Paleo Diet

Plant Foods of the Paleo Diet

This video is intended to help people think about the modification of plant foods and how those changes relate to the Paleo Diet. The Paleo Diet was designed to mimic the wild foods of indigenous people. Unfortunately, many plant foods recommended by authors of this diet bear little similarity to the wild plants that were used to create them. As a result, they possess fewer nutrients, have altered phytochemistry, less fiber per unit mass (i.e., more sugars), and have distorted essential fatty acid profiles (compared to similar wild foods). This is especially true of modern produce, where uniformity of ripening, ability to withstand long periods of transportion, and similar qualities are considered important (no where is nutritional density factored in). Paleo Diet authors that are promoting fruit smoothies and other foods over actual wild plants or minimally modified cultivated plants would best serve their followers by learning about real wild foods and passing on that knowledge.