/Stage 2 किडनी रोगी को ये Diet लेनी चाहिए Stage 2 Kidney Patient Diet | ASMR Diet

Stage 2 किडनी रोगी को ये Diet लेनी चाहिए Stage 2 Kidney Patient Diet | ASMR Diet

Chronic kidney disease can largely be improved if you are in the beginning stages of CKD, such as stage 2. CKD #Stage2 diet chart and ayurvedic CKD treatment in India can work together to make the patient feel better. A kidney patient diet plays a significant role in the revival of kidney function. So, we are going to focus on stage 2 kidney patient diet chart for through our trending video on a kidney diet. Follow our channel for more updates on the #ASMRdiet and how stage 2 kidney diseases can be cured by diet.
Chronic kidney disease stage 2 is referred to as the beginning stage in which GFR level drops to an extent. The kidney usually functions in stage 2 and can compensate for a slight variation in their working. Glomerular filtration rate at this level reaches somewhere between 60-89 ml/min. Hardly any signs are visible in this stage as the kidney performs their job without any offense, while some patients may notice high blood pressure and frequent urination at night mostly.

Changes to make in a renal diet during stage 2

Include more grain, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. But make sure that these foods do not have an abundant amount of potassium and phosphorus in them.

Cut down fat and cholesterol diet from your diet to avert the risk of heart disease.

Sodium-rich food products are bound to make your kidney disease worse, as it increases blood pressure levels.

Make sure you consume only a limited portion of calories to meet your body needs.

Ask your dietician about the right quantity of calcium and protein for you.

100 mg should be the maximum limit of Vitamin C and D in your diet on a per-day basis.

What to consume and avoid during CKD stage 2?

Flour: A CKD patient should not use oil in their Chapatis (Tortilla). Patients can have a mixture of wheat and millet for producing dough.

Vegetable: Bottle gourd, cabbage, ridged gourd, pointed gourd, etc.

Salad: Cucumber, carrots, cabbage, and onion.

Spices: Coriander, turmeric, green chili, asafetida, Ajwain, cinnamon, true cardamom, bay leaf, cumin seeds, and pure sesame pure mustard oil.

Milk products: Cow milk (toned) 100 gm in breakfast, one bowl curd (small) in lunch, and 20 gm cheese in dinner.

Fruits: Apple without peel, guava, papaya, and pomegranate (only 1).

Liquid or fluid: Altogether, only 1 or 1.5 liters of fluid is allowed in a day.

Specific preventive measures will help slow down the progression of stage 2 into advanced stages of #CKD. These may include controlling blood sugar and pressure levels, maintaining weight, following a healthy diet, practicing yoga, and skipping alcohol and liquor consumption habits.

Following these practices, diligently will surely help in your battle against kidney disease.