/The Best Diet for Weight loss & Muscle Gain | (2020)

The Best Diet for Weight loss & Muscle Gain | (2020)

Which is the best diet for fat loss & muscle gain? Backed by Science
A combination of both diet and exercise can help you transform your body.
But what diet should I follow to lose fat and gain muscle? Is it Keto diet? Paleo Diet? Atkins diet or Intermittent fasting? Which one is easy to follow? Or which one is best for you? Which diet actually works?
Many of us are confused between losing weight or gain muscle, but what if you could do both simultaneously. Yes, with this diet you lose fat and gain muscle as well.
Don’t worry!! Doctor Doodler aka Dr. Arjun Goswami has an answer to every question related to diet & muscle growth. In this video, he will tell you the pros & cons of a few very famous diet like, Paleo diet, keto diet and intermittent fasting.

Speaking out of experience, I follow these techniques & I got a chance to get featured GQ Magazine.
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Watch the video of Science behind Muscle Growth: https://youtu.be/HdvaB-3-ka0

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