/What I Eat in a Day | Paleo/Caveman Diet!

What I Eat in a Day | Paleo/Caveman Diet!

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Hi Beauties & Beasts! ❤

SOOO, first things first, I DO NOT diet often. I hate diets, I hate the word diet. Dieting is for a period of time, but a lifestyle is forever. I refer to the way I eat as a lifestyle, but I had noticed a few weeks ago that I needed to make some changes. I personally do not consider the diet that I am on to be the Paleo or Caveman diet, though this is what everyone is telling me I’m on.
For 30 days on this diet, I will not be eating dairy, grains, sugar, baked goods, or alcohol. I am also limiting my consumption of beans (aka the edamame beans). If you want more details on how and why I am on this diet, please visit my blog post below and/or feel free to ask your questions below.


L O V E Y O U R B O D Y ❤

What I Ate Today:

BREAKFAST: 333 Calories
3 Egg Whites
2/3 Cup Edamame
1 Tablespoon White Onion
2 Slices Turkey Bacon
3 Medium Strawberries
4 Blackberries
Emergen-C Packet (mixed with water)
Thin Tea 28 Day Fat Burn Blend http://www.thintea.com.au/

1 Scoop Modern BCAA (mixed with water)

AFTER WORKOUT: 314 Calories
Banana with Cinnamon
1 1/2 scoops Premium Whey Chocolate Protein Powder (mixed with water)
1 teaspoon Glutamine Powder

SNACK (not seen on camera): 250 Calories
1 Medium Honey Crisp Apple
1/4 cup Dried Chickpeas

LUNCH: 290 Calories
1 1/2 cup mixed Kale & Greens
1/4 Avocado
1/4 Tomato
1 Tablespoon White Onion
2 Celery Stalks
3 Baby Carrots
Walden Farms Creamy Bacon Dressing
4oz Tilapia

DINNER: 326 Calories
4oz Chicken
1/2 Cup Mushrooms
6 Asparagus Stalks
1 Medium Sweet Potato


***These meals were each filmed on a different day (as you can see by the different colored nails, hehe), but I promise you this is what I eat in an entire day! I have been eating this type of meal for the past week or so.***
comment below if you noticed the different nails coloaaaaass!! 😉 it’ll be our secret shhhhh.

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