/WHY CAN’T I EVER STICK TO A DIET AND LOSE WEIGHT? Set point theory: how diets cause food obsession.

WHY CAN’T I EVER STICK TO A DIET AND LOSE WEIGHT? Set point theory: how diets cause food obsession.

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Let’s discuss diet point theory and how it diets can cause food obsession making it near impossible to stick to a diet and lose weight.
I used to wonder every waking moment why my well intentioned attempts to lose weight and stick to a diet were always jeopardised by an obsession I seemed to have with food and repeated bouts of binge eating. I labelled myself as some kind of food addict pretty early on in life and the answer was always a new diet or more willpower to lose weight and keep it off. But regardless of wether I was losing weight, was weight stable or rebounding in weight I was ALWAYS so obsessed by food and desperately trying nearly every waking moment not to snap and eat everything I could get my hands on. Some kind of character flaw? I was sure of it. And I felt I’d lost a bit of my sanity somewhere in my teen years that didn’t return until I understood why this was happening.


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Time stamps:
0:00 I used to think I was obsessed with food and diets were the answer
1:35 what do I mean by ‘diet’?
2:30 how our bodies fight hunger and fat loss
4:15 our bodies try to regulate a stable weight through leptin
5:10 our bodies take a lack of food seriously
6:00 lack of food makes us focus on food
6:30 lack of food causes energy conservation
6:45 lack of food increases appetite
7:05 lack of food decreases satiety
7:40 lack of food causes an increase in reward for eating
8:00 lack of food makes the body want to gain fat
8:00 can we ‘out think’ our bodies reaction to diets?
9:35 why do we have fat?
10:15 when we snap from a diet, there are processed foods available
11:20 what’s happening in a ‘binge’?
12:00 why you’re likely not a ‘food addict’
13:00 what can we do to recover from the effects of dieting and find a healthy set point weight?
14:20 dieting is often counterproductive