Wim Hof Food diet explained by the book Fast five diet of doctor Bert Herring that the Iceman or like some call Wim Hof the daredevil also uses. a nice book about fasting.
In this Animated Video I explain what the book teaches us and how you can lose weight easy and healthy and still eat everything you like!

Wim Hof Method (WHM).

-What is the Fast 5 diet at 1:48
-Safety part you need to know at 2:33
-The Fast 5 steps to achieve it at 3:43
-Step 1 learning at 4:21
-What you will get from it at 6:10
-Step 2 Setting goals at 6:43
-Step 3 Adjustment of eating pattern at 7:30
-Step 4 Active loss of weight what will happen at 8:16
-Step 5 Maintenance, what when you achieved your weight goal at 9:21
-Ebook extra’s 9:52
-How this diet was developt and hispersonal results 10:21
-Small recap of the Fast 5 diet at 12:47
-How to get in touch or the Ebook 13:57

The Wim Hof Methode explained by a Animation Video by NoëlKnows by experience. Wim Hof Method Review – How To Become The Iceman

The Wim Hof method seems to be suited for:
Healthy persons
• Athletes
• people with blood pressure problems
• people with infections
• people with rheumatism
• people with Cancer
• people with Crohn’s disease
• people with depressions
• people with osteoarthritis
• people with Diabetes 2
• people with Overweight
• people with Tiredness
• people with varicose veins
• people with cold hands and cold feet
• anti-stress and to come in the now
• The key to become very old

and also good for:
for more energy,
for better sleep,
against headaches,
back and neck problems,
intestinal problems.
the blood flow,
the heart,
shiny hair,
a tight skin,
a dose of energy,
your mood,
against infections,
your confidence.

Wim Hof has developed a method characterized by simplicity and effectiveness. The effects and applicability of this method are being investigated by various scientific institutes, including the Radboud University. Initial results have shown that the method appears to affect the autonomous nervous system and the immune system. This means that application of the Wim Hof Method (WHM) may be of particular importance in the fields of public health, sports and at many other levels.

The effectiveness of this method has been known to Wim Hof for years, which is why he wishes to share it with the world. He wants to ensure that this method will be applied on a large scale.

The book discusses how the WHM originated, what the method consists of, which physiological effects it has, which scientific results it has yielded and in which fields the method can be applied.

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Wim Hof Food diet explained by the book Fast five diet of doctor Bert Herring